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Jenny Hurst (Carter Hurst's Mom)

Elana Bohm is pure magic.  She has an uncanny ability to connect with young actors and pull the best out of them.  I’ve seen amazing growth from my son since he started working with her, and he is seeing his craft in a whole new light.  Elana challenges my son but it never feels pushy or overwhelming. The skills he has learned from her are taking him to the next level, and we could not be more grateful for her patience, her positivity,  her beautiful spirit and her dedication to growing the next generation of artists.

Theresa Pellegrino
(Ani & Rocco Pellegrino's Mom)

Best decision ever! When my 5 and 7 year old wanted to follow in their big sisters footsteps I started them in Lil Preppers with Elana Bohm. They instantly fell in love with the class and looked forward to meeting every Sunday! The fact that she kept a class of young children engaged and focused for an hour over the computer is a feat in itself but she also started them with a foundation of confidence and knowledge. Miss Elana is more than a teacher. She is a mentor, coach and an invaluable source of industry information. She has coached both of my children through auditions, callbacks, and prepped then when they booked jobs. I credit her with being a major key to their success! Her support is irreplaceable and she goes above and beyond to make herself available at key times when they need her prep the most. We highly recommend The Prep and Miss Elana for your young aspiring and working actors! 



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