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Elana means a girl tree in Hebrew. Elana's parents named her, Elana because when they came up with the name they thought of the giving tree. Elana throughout her whole life has always loved to give to others. When she was just 8 years old she raised money for lung cancer treatments, because she saw how horrible the disease was, watched her Papa go through it himself, and wanted to help those fighting this horrible disease. At the age of 12, she then raised money for the Ronald McDonald House, to help families with sick children. Not only did she do this but she would also put together little performances to do for assisted living homes throughout her life, to bring happiness into people's lives.  When she was in high school she volunteered every week to teach Nero-divergent children and young adults the gift of performing arts. It was so rewarding for her, as she found new ways to help them communicate. She even got a non-verbal student to sing and say lines for the first time.

People always ask Elana why she wants to be an actor. Besides this being her passion and her not being able to imagine life without it. It also is another way to give back to the world. She is a true storyteller who wants to help each audience member or viewer, to relate, escape and feel important.

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"A Little Girl with a Big Heart..."


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